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Sunshine Roofing Pvt. Ltd

We are leading Manufacturers of color coated Roofing sheets and construction of Pre engineering steel structural Buildings.

Having 15years experience in Manufacturing and Supply of color coated roofing sheets and Construction of industrial buildings, Function Halls, Godowns, Railway sheds etc.

Roofing Solutions

Excellent thermal properties that keep the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter

PreEngineered Building

Buildings can designed for future expansion in length, width & height.

Decking Sheets

Providing a more sustainable solution , Reduced Concrete usage & Reduced Cost.


Purlins add rigidity to the roof & mid-span support to allow longer spans for wider building.

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Now, it’s easier to have the best quality services. To meet our customers needs, we constantly improve and deliver on our promise. We constantly monitor our services:

Quality Material Used 97%
On Time Delivery 95%
Solve technical requests under 24h 92%

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The Pre-engineered building system is one of the fast growing segments globally. It has all the attributes of what the modern life-style demands, i.e., speed, quality and value. there are many applications for pre-engineered buildings.

Reduction in project cost, Saving in construction time, Low Maintenance, Large Clear Spans, Flexibility in Expansion, Energy Efficiency and superior quality.