Light Weight Aluminium Color Coated Roofing Sheet

Aluminium Light Weight roofing and cladding Sheets

Aluminium is replacing conventional roofing materials across industries with kind of characteristics it displays, aluminium has become the first choice across segments for residential and industrial applications today. Sunshine Roofing Aluminium Sheet is a Sunshine Roofing product. It provides aluminium roofing materials for those who need lonh-lasting protection. Sunshine Roofing Aluminium roofing sheets are of exceptional quality and are reliable. Sunshine Roofing offers ideal and economical solution for all your roofing needs.

  • 100% rust-proof : Widely used in aggressive and corrosive atmospheres
  • Zero Maintenance : Anti-corrosive property of aluminum keeps Sunshine Roofing Aluminum roofing sheets unaffected, even in aggressive environments.
  • Better Thermal Insulation ; Highly reflective, hence keeps the temperature 6 C cooler in summer than compared to GI. Its low emissivity cuts heat loss in winter.
  • High resale value : Can recover up to 60% of purchase cost.
  • Fire Resistant : Aluminium is no-combustible, non - flammable and non-sparking.
  • Light, but tough : About one third weight of corrugated galvanized steel sheets and one seven that of standard asbestos corrugated sheets.
  • Long life : Withstands the harshest of climate conditions.
  • Green metal : Aluminium is fully recyclable and hence. eco-friendly.